Johnsie Walsh
Original Bamboo Lady
Johnsie Walsh planted 7 sprigs of bamboo in
1970 behind her home in Wilkes County,
North Carolina.  After a few years Johnsie
began harvesting the new bamboo shoots to
make pickles for her family and friends.  As
the bamboo grove grew to approximately 3
acres and the love of the pickles grew, the
pickle making also grew.  Johnsie soon
enlisted the help of her daughter, Iva (Babe)
Walsh Faw to help with the pickle making.
Carla spent most of her working life in the technology
finance world but occasionally helped her Mother and
Grandmother make bamboo pickles.   In 2006 Carla
left Corporate America and decided to introduce the
Walsh Family recipe to the culinary world.  After
attending several classes, including "Pickle School,"
the Bamboo Ladies was formed.  The Bamboo Ladies
are proud to introduce bamboo pickles to the culinary
world and hope you enjoy them.
Iva, also known as Babe to her friends and family,
spent most of her life as a devoted wife, mother,
grandmother,  daughter and nurse.  Although Babe's  
busy life of taking care of people gave her little spare
time, she still found the time to help her mother
harvest and process the bamboo so they would have
plenty of pickles for all the friends and family that
loved them so much.
After 35 years and 3
generations, this North
Carolina family recipe is
making its debut into the
culinary world.  This pickle is
a marriage of Southern
spices and Asian culture.

Bamboo Pickles are
completely Hand Processed,
from grove to table.  The
bamboo is hand harvested
from North Carolina bamboo
groves.  It is hand shucked
and sliced, and then hand
processed and packed in
Asheville, North Carolina at

Blue Ridge Food

The result is a zesty, fresh
pickle made from all natural

Bamboo is a renewable,
sustainable resource.

The Bamboo Ladies are
happy to share our pickles
with you and hope you enjoy

Thank you for trying bamboo
Iva (Babe)  Walsh Faw
Second Generation Bamboo Lady
Carla Faw Squires
Third Generation Bamboo Lady
History of the Bamboo Ladies
Bamboo Ladies
Bamboo Pickles